Historical Attractions

Petchaburi is a charming old city where you can witness not only beauty of its seaside area but also its cultural and historical heritage and the people's livelihood.

Phra Nakorn Khiri Historic Park (Khao Wang)

“Khao Wang” is a historic site that is regarded as the symbol of the Petchaburi province. The hill-top structure which can be seen from afar is originally King Rama IV's palace. The compound consists of a pagoda, a temple and palace buildings, most of which are built in neoclassical and Chinese architectural styles.

Photo by Kasinthorn Ratcha-o-ros

Ram Ratchaniwet Palace (Baan Puen Palace)


Built in the reign of King Rama V as the king's rainy-season palace, the palace was built in German-styled architecture. The palace consists of many main rooms including the main hall, the dining room, the main bedroom and the drawing room etc. The palace's exterior is simply decorated but emphasizes on the building size and the beauty of door and window's carvings and decoration.

Photo by Thien Jira

Maha That Worawiharn Temple

The temple is one of the historically, artistically and archeologically significant temples in Petchaburi province. Attractions inside the temple compound include the main Viharn where important Buddha images are installed, the five-spired Prang, the minor Viharn, and a museum where a collection of historical artefacts and art pieces related to the temple are publicly displayed.

Photo by Kasinthorn Ratcha-o-ros

Tham Khao Luang

Located within chambers of caves, Tham Khao Luang is one of the oldest and popular tourist attractions in Petchaburi. Within these chambers are graceful Buddha images, as well as ceiling openings from which sunlight can shine into and brighten the temple area.

Photo by Kosin Sukhum

Wat Yai Suwannaram Temple

Wat Yai Suwannaram Temple, or simply “Wat Yai,” is a minor temple under royal patronage. Formerly named, “Wat Noi Pak Tai,” it is an old and famous temple which was built in Ayutthaya period. The vicinity of the temple are full of beautiful and elegant art pieces which are products of Petchaburi's craftmanship. The most notable arts found in the temple is the Ayutthaya-period wall painting in the Ubosot which depicts congregation of Deva. Due to its long history and elegance, the temple ground has been depicted in many Thai historical movies and period dramas.

Photo by KengCH

Natural Attractions

Laem Phak Bia is located at the border between mangrove-forest area and the sand-beach area of Petchaburi. Therefore, you can easily visit various types of natural attractions in the vicinity including the mangrove forest, salt fields, sand beaches, rice and palm sugar fields.  Moreover, the Laem Phak Bia area is a famous bird-watching and Bryde's-whale-watching sites in Thailand.

Bird Watching

Laem Phak Bia is one of the popular bird-watching sites in Thailand. Due to the ecosystem in mangrove forests and salt fields in the area, Laem Phak Bia is home for many species of sea birds and migrant birds.

The bird-watching spot is located only 2 kilometers from the hotel.

Bryde's Whale Watching

Bryde's Whale is the most commonly spotted whale species in Thailand, and Laem Phak Bia is also one of the famous whale watching spot in Thailand. You can easily book whale-watching trip with local operators.

Suitable months for whale watching lasts from September to December.

Photo by Nik Cyclist

Laem Phak Bia Ecological Research and Development Center

The center is one of the best site for studying mangrove-forest ecosystem in Thailand. 1.5-kilometer walkway through the mangrove forest is provided within the center area to allow tourists to closely observe the mangrove forest's flora and fauna.

The center is located only 2 kilometers from the hotel.

Community Fish Market and Blue Crab Bank

The community fish market is located at the main fishermen's port of Laem Phak Bia. The market sells affordable seafood products and serves as a learning center on local livelihood. In addition, the blue crab bank on the same compound is a conservation site that foster young blue crabs before releasing them back to the ocean.

The market is located just 1 kilometer from the hotel.


Cycling along the coastal road will let you experience myriad scenery and local livelihood from the coast line, salt fields to mangrove forests in Laem Phak Bia area and beyond. It is relatively safe to bike on the route because the road is equipped with bike lanes.

Salt Fields

You can find numerous salt fields as you travel along the coastal road. Salt harvesting has long been traditional profession of Baan Laem locals.

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